Intensive training at the ArtWorker Mosaic School for nonresidents

We will teach you how to create and mount mosaic panels of any size from various materials, tell you how to open a mosaic school or a mosaic workshop in your city.
Students from USA, Great Britain, Canada, Singapore, India, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and other countries.
Mosaic art is gaining popularity in different cities and countries. Our school is located in Moscow and has been operating since 2013. During the work of our school, we have trained hundreds of students. We are glad to invite everyone to intensive mosaic training, after which you will be able to create custom mosaic panels yourself or open your own mosaic school.
The text on this page has been translated from Russian, we apologize in advance for the (possibly) incorrect translation.
We invite students from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Singapore, India, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and other countries to our school.
We invite students from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Singapore, India, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and other countries to our school.
People from all over the world come to our mosaic school to study. For students from another city or country, we have developed an individual training program for the most effective result. The developed program includes 6-8 hours of training 6 times a week. Thus, we will be able to teach mosaic craft in the shortest possible time.
For foreign students, in addition to an individual training program, we will help with the selection of apartments for living, organize an entertainment and educational program, show mosaics and other sights of Moscow. If the training program lasts more than two weeks, we will be able to organize excursions to other cities of Russia to see interesting monuments of mosaic art.
Most of the materials and tools used in the learning process can be purchased in your city for further independent work. After studying at our school, we will continue to advise you online on all issues of interest.
We invite students from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Singapore, India, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and other countries to our school.
The address of our mosaic school is Russia, Moscow, m. Butyrskaya, Dobrolyubova Street 2 from 5. It's about
15-20 minutes from the center of Moscow by public transport.
Our studio has all the necessary materials, adhesives and grout, tools and other devices. You do not need to purchase anything extra, all materials are included in the tuition fee.

Developed mosaic training programs for intensive courses

You can choose a suitable training program for you or we will develop a program individually for you, taking into account your wishes and the agreed number of days. The training is conducted on an individual basis and you can start at any time.
5-day program
Program for 2 weeks
Program for 1 month
Due to sanctions and restrictions, many foreign services do not work in Russia, including bank cards of other countries. If you are from another country, you do not need to worry about it, we will arrange a transfer from the airport for you, find a suitable apartment for living, transfer our bank card for temporary use, connect a mobile connection with fast Internet and help with currency exchange for rubles. We will try to do everything so that your stay in Moscow leaves only positive emotions and nothing distracts you from mosaic classes and fruitful training.

Who is the intensive mosaic training designed for?

The main objectives of mosaic training in the intensive format.
Quickly learn how to assemble a mosaic yourself.
Don't want to attend mosaic school for months? In the intensive course, you will complete a training program designed for 4-6 months in 1 month.
Change the direction of activity and engage professionally in the direction of mosaic.
To start working as a mosaic artist, you need to attend training. In our school, you will be able to quickly complete a course on the right topic and start assembling commercial orders in a few weeks.
Open your own mosaic school.
Do you want to open a mosaic school, understand the specifics of the assembly and learn how the system works from the inside? Intensive training at our school will help you get the necessary skills and knowledge!

The training is conducted in Russian or English, as well as with the help of an interpreter in any other language

In our team of teachers there are masters working in different techniques, everyone will be able to share their experience and knowledge with you. Some teachers speak English and will be able to teach mosaic art to foreign students.
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What awaits you in the learning process?

Depending on the number of days and the chosen program, you will be able to learn mosaic and take part in our creative projects.
We will teach you how to work with all materials for mosaics
In our studio there are more than 10,000 kg of different materials for creating mosaics: smalt, glass mosaic, natural stone, stained glass. All materials are available during the training.
We will tell you how to open a mosaic school in your city
If you plan to open your own mosaic school, we can advise you and tell you about the opening of the mosaic school during the training process.
We will show the work of our workshop and tell you how to open your own
Our mosaic workshop has been working for more than 10 years and we have completed dozens of projects of varying complexity. We will tell you how to open a mosaic workshop with minimal investment and how to purchase materials with discounts.
We invite you to participate in our creative and commercial projects
In our workshop we produce both creative and commercial mosaic panels, during the training process you will be able not only to see how we work, but also to take a direct part in the process.
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After receiving the information, we will prepare a suitable program for you and advise you on the cost of training.
What country and city are you from?
The purpose of teaching mosaic?
For how many days would you like to receive a training program?
Tell us about the planned training program.
Tell us about yourself and why you decided to learn the art of mosaic.
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